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Amazing Hair Colorist Tim Bolack

@ Sola Salon Studios

299 Detroit Street  Suite 113

Denver, CO  80206

720-309-3829Hair Designs by Tim logo design

Are you looking for something just a bit different for your hair? Maybe a new color, or a new style. Something that is uniquely you?

Do you wish you could add a little pizzazz to your appearance? Something to liven things up a bit?

Or maybe that do-it-yourself color job didn’t quite turn out like you had hoped for.

Truly great hair color is not an accident. The best way to get truly great color is through the skill of an expert colorist. Tim is that expert.

There is nearly an infinite number of different options, styles, and effects when it comes to hair color. And Tim is an expert at listening to your dreams, and then advising on the best course of action for what you want to achieve with your appearance.

You probably don’t want to look just like everyone else. Tim will work with you to achieve a totally unique look. One that will display you at your finest, and that is all about you.

Tim knows hair color like nobody else. And with his years of experience, training, and teaching, he knows how to make your hair look the best it can be.

The personal attention that Tim provides is unparalleled. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. And he has a wealth of experience to draw upon. All to your benefit.

When Tim is finished with your hair, you will know without a doubt, that you and your hair are in the care of a truly exceptional colorist.  So explore this website to learn more about Tim, and how he can help you achieve the look you desire.