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All the Framesi goodies to keep your hair in great condition between salon visits and your color lasting longer!!
Hair Treatment line
The perfect harmony of science & nature.  Framesi combines unmatched formulation expertise with nature's most healing, beneficial ingredients to create Framesi Hair Treatment line, a collection of product based programs that offer superior solutions to repair scalp and hair problems.  Undiluted formulas contain high concentrations of vital ingredients from the Mediterranean basin, shea butter, Vitamins H, B, C, and E, royal jelly and propolis, all meticulously blended with a unique and acclaimed know-how.  This is how framesi fulfills its promise to you. 
 Framesi's Hair treatment line offers treatments for the hair and scalp to be prescribed for any need.
Each I.dentity products contains specific combinations of ingredients to protect & create the healthiest hair, while producing the most amazing styles.  Active Grape Stem Cells contain powerful, essential life substances that protect & ensure the life of the hair.  These goodies renew over-worked & over-played hair.
Framesi's Identity take styling to a new level.

BY Pearl

Framesi has taken luminous pearl protein, providing shine and enhancing hair's natural beauty, to create pure agility.


BY Lava

Framesi has harnessed volcanic ash, protecting and holding style with distinction, to provide uncompromised strength.

Framesi's BY offers all the staples of hair care and styling


Framesi Color Lover

The perfect match for your favorite haircolor, Primer 11 and Framesi Color Lover shampoos and conditioners nourish your hair with a rich blend of advanced color retention ingredients.

Starring QUINOA, the ultimate source of all-natural plant proteins.  Quinoa, when combined with Color Lover's unique compound of color retention ingredients, is proven in lab testing to retain your haircolor 95% longer. FRAMESI COLOR LOVER will love your haircolor as long as you do. 

 Framesi's Color Lover is a color retention line that is sure to keep the color looking salon fresh between salon visits.Framesi's Color Lover Primer 11 is your hairs hero and a must have for every client.  Has a multitude of benefits to uniquely benefit your hairs specific needs.isit


For more information on Color Lover by Framesi visit: